Youths of today are leaders of tomorrow

Share Tweet Email The school of future leaders is training young people on how to effectively work towards improving the country. Under this programme, a day extensive training in different leadership sectors will be given to the youth under the banner of social action projects.

Youths of today are leaders of tomorrow

What happens when a coach dares to put discipline before winning? Most coaches today would grumble, but accept it as part of dealing with modern youth. Coach Mike Allen suspended his starting five players instead. Instead, he found lousy attitudes and a lack of commitment. So he suspended the starters.

Shortly afterwards, the rest of the team confronted him, demanding that he reinstate the suspended players. When he refused, all 13 members of the team quit. The team has a — and all three of the wins came from before the suspensions.

In many games, the young players are being blown out. They finished one game with just four players, after two of them fouled out. One of the former players complained to the Mercury News that the coach wanted to run the team his way. How much disrespect is allowed before a coach or adult in a leadership role has to teach kids that respect is required?

For his part, Allen believes that attitude is symptomatic of a larger problem today. It seems as though our society has been moving for decades toward teaching kids that everybody wins, everybody gets his way and that there are no consequences to bad actions.

Youths of today are leaders of tomorrow

We need more men and women like Allen, not just as coaches, but as parents, teachers and leaders of all sorts. That requires learning to face mistakes and deal with consequences. Please follow and like us:Africa needs fresh leadership to solve persistent problems, writes Abubakar Umar, 24, a Correspondent from Katsina in Nigeria, as he argues for youth to be given leadership opportunity.

Youths of today are leaders of tomorrow

The youths are the leaders of tomorrow, they say.4/5(4). Sport for Business 30 Under 30 identifies those who will be among the next generation of Ireland’s sporting leaders. We have always believed in the power of youth to effect change and in the benefit of mentoring to develop potential..

Here are the 30 Young Leaders from among many more that we have identified and will introduce you to in greater detail over the rest of the year. China's Generation Y: Understanding the Future Leaders of the World's Next Superpower [Michael Stanat] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

LONG VERSION Growing up during the information age, China's Generation Y (born between and ) is unlike any of its predecessors. After School & Summer Based Arts. After school, students enjoy positive creative, academic and lifestyle experiences with LTYC.

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