Truth and validity

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Truth and validity

Truth and validity

What is the difference between Truth and Validity? Truth and validity are two different notions. Truth is predicated of propositions whereas validity is predicated of arguments.

Propositions are either true or false. Deductive arguments are either valid or invalid. We have noted earlier that a deductive argument claims to provide conclusive proof for its conclusion. A deductive argument is valid if and only if the premises provide conclusive proof for its conclusion.

This notion of validity of deductive argument can also be expressed in either of the following two ways. Any deductive argument that is not valid is called invalid. So, a deductive argument is invalid if its preemies are all true but the conclusion is false.

Note that in some cases, even if the premises and the conclusion are all true yet the argument may be invalid. In all cases invalid arguments some of our rules of inference are violated. The above remark on deductive validity shows the connection between validity of an argument and the truth or falsity of its premises and conclusion.

But the connection is not a simple one. Of the eight possible combinations of truth or falsity of premises and the conclusion and validity or invalidity of arguments, only one is completely ruled out.

The only thing that cannot happen is that the premises are all true, the conclusion is false and the argument is deductively valid.

Given below are the other seven combinations of true and false premises and conclusion with example; i There are valid arguments whose premises as well as the conclusions are all true.validity - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.

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Truth and validity

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