Global issue in management

Recently, we have seen an increase in conferences, speeches, and papers encouraging us to think globally and prepare our students for a world where success may be dictated by one's ability to navigate varying cultures, languages, and practices. Students need to learn that they are interconnected globally.

Global issue in management

Health and safety issues may be of concern to employees overseas, and security has become a very difficult issue in certain areas of the world.

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The nature of labor unions and labor laws can be an important variable for managers from other countries when dealing with host-country national employees. Global Health and Safety Safety and health laws and regulations vary from country to country, ranging from virtually nonexistent to more stringent than in the United States.

The importance placed on workplace safety varies among different countries. With more and more expatriates working internationally, especially in some of the less-developed countries, significant health and safety issues are arising, and addressing these issues is part of the HR role.

Similar practices are recommended Global issue in management those traveling or working in some African and lesser-developed Asian countries, including China. Another consideration is provision of emergency evacuation services.

For instance, how to evacuate and care for an expatriate employee who sustains internal injuries in a car accident in the Ukraine or Sierra Leone may be a major issue. Many global firms purchase coverage for their international employees from an organization that provides emergency services, such as International SOS, Global Assistance Network, or U.

To use such a service, an employer pays a membership fee per employee, and all employee travelers are given emergency contact numbers. If an emergency arises, the emergency services company will dispatch physicians or even transport employees by chartered aircraft.

If adequate medical assistance can be obtained locally, the emergency services company maintains a referral list and will make arrangements for the expatriate to receive treatment.

Legal counsel in foreign countries, emergency cash for medical expenses, and assistance in retrieving lost documents or having them reissued also are provided by emergency services firms.

International Security and Terrorism As more U.

Global issue in management

In a three-month period in a recent year, several hundred terrorist acts were aimed at businesses and businesspeople. Many of these acts targeted company facilities and offices.

Global issue in management

Nevertheless, individual employees and their families living abroad must constantly be aware of security issues.

Countries vary in the extent to which they are likely to see violence at the workplace. Figure shows the share of workers reporting violence on the job in different countries.

It should be noted, of course, that not all violence occurs at work. Kidnapping, murder, home invasion, robberies, and car-jackings are relatively frequent in some places. People who appear affluent are targets, and in some countries a person can appear ostentatiously wealthy simply by wearing eyeglasses.

Many firms provide bodyguards who escort executives everywhere. Family members of employees also receive training in security. Children are told to avoid wearing sweatshirts with U. In a number of countries schools for children of U.

Firms themselves are taking other actions. For example, one U. Removal of signs identifying offices and facilities reduces the visibility of the firm and thus reduces its potential as a target for terrorist acts.

ISSUES IN INTERNATIONAL (GLOBAL) HRM International human resource management involves a number of issues not present when the activities of the firm or organization are confined to one country. The issues in global HRM include: • The variety of international organizational models that exist • The extent to which HRM policy and practice. An integral part of the MAM program, Big Issues fosters students’ ability to think more holistically about globalization, global trends, and the role of business in global society. The global manufacturing sector: current issues | 3 About CIMA CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, founded in , is the world’s leading.

Many international firms screen entry by all employees, and many use metal detectors to scan all packages, briefcases, and other items.

Physical barriers, such as iron security fences, concrete barricades, bulletproof glass, and electronic surveillance devices, are common in offices. Global Labor-Management Relations The strength and nature of unions different from country to country.

In some countries, unions either do not exist at all or are relatively weak. Such is the case in China and a number of African countries. In other countries, unions are extremely strong and are closely tied to political parties. In still other countries, such as the United States and Great Britain, unions have declined in influence and membership during the last decade.

Some countries require that firms have union or worker representatives on their boards of directors. This practice is very common in European countries, where it is called co-determination.

But signs of change in Europe are beginning to emerge. Differences from country to country in how collective bargaining occurs also are quite noticeable.

In the United States, local unions bargain with individual employers to set wages and working conditions.International Business: Global Issues in Management Overview. It is the goal of most businesses not only to survive but to thrive. The global manufacturing sector: current issues | 3 About CIMA CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, founded in , is the world’s leading.

Global health challenges for operational research and management science Identifying problems Operational research methods are useful for the systematic identification of problems and the search for potential solutions.

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The key drivers to globalization Drivers: Global market Convergence Similar customer needs, Global customers, Transferable marketing Scale economies. The Global Youth Issues portfolio is housed in the Office of the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs.

The portfolio is focused on helping the U.S. Government better engage young people internationally to help solve the pressing challenges of today while also building greater global connectivity and networks to shape the world of tomorrow.

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