Enhancing traffic police performance egypt

The future of military comms on the battlefield New radio and network technologies present opportunities and challenges By John Edwards Feb 13, Smart phones, tablets, high-speed wireless networks and other sophisticated communications technologies are rapidly changing the way people access, use and exchange information. The military is embracing the communications revolution, turning to a new generation of sophisticated systems to enable faster, richer, less costly and more flexible communications. However, as communication options multiply, so does the problem of getting disparate technologies to work together efficiently and securely. Communications integration is now one of the top challenges facing military technology leaders, said Chris Herndon, chief technologist at MorganFranklin, a company that provides communications and security consulting services to the government.

Enhancing traffic police performance egypt

Various European Union EU member states reported a marked increase in the rate of returning foreign terrorist fighters from Syria and Iraq. Indeed, approximately 30 percent of foreign terrorist fighters from EU member states are believed to have returned, although the overall number of departed foreign terrorist fighters originating from Western European and Balkan countries declined significantly in from the previous year.

By virtue of its location, the presence of international transport hubs on its territory, and its long border with Syria and Iraq, Turkey remained an Enhancing traffic police performance egypt transit route for foreign terrorist fighters entering and departing the conflict areas.

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Risk Analysis Units continued to operate at major ports of entry and internal transit points to interdict potential foreign terrorist fighters. To maintain tighter physical control of its border with Syria, Turkey constructed kilometers of concrete wall along the kilometer Turkey-Syria border.

European countries contributed immensely to worldwide counterterrorism efforts in Thanks to such effort, the Coalition, which already had liberated Fallujah, Ramadi, and Tikrit, launched the military campaign to liberate Mosul and Raqqah.

Correspondingly, European officials, along with civil society members, participated in counterterrorism and CVE policies and programs within multilateral and regional fora, such as the United Nations, the Global Counterterrorism Forum, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the Council of Europe.

The EU Parliament and Council presidents on April 27, signed the Directive regulating the use of EU Passenger Name Record for the prevention, detection, investigation, and prosecution of terrorist offenses and serious crimes.

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EU member states will have until May to fully apply the Directive package. In July, the European Commission presented a comprehensive set of regulatory amendments, known as the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive to help counter money laundering and the financing of terrorism, which are due for ratification in mid Albania was a strong supporter of counterterrorism efforts in and continued its participation in the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, making significant donations of weapons and ammunition.

On November 4 and 5, a well-coordinated regional counterterrorism operation led to the arrests of four individuals in Albania. The operation disrupted a potential attack on the Albania-Israel World Cup qualifying soccer match, scheduled to take place in Shkoder on November Legislation, Law Enforcement, and Border Security: Albania criminalizes terrorist acts; financing of terrorism; collection, transfer and concealment of funds that finance terrorism; conducting transactions with persons on the United Nations UN sanctions lists; recruiting and training people to commit terrorist acts; incitement of terrorist acts; and establishing, leading, and participating in terrorist organizations.

Innine defendants were found guilty of charges related to these statutes and sentenced to seven to 18 years in prison.

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An appeals court in November decreased the sentences for five of the defendants, and prison terms now range from four-and-a-half to 18 years. Albanian law enforcement has increased efforts to counter potential terrorist threats.

As a result, the ATU has developed its own plans and programs for improving equipment, training, and development, and is currently renovating a new ATU facility.

Despite the scarcity of resources, the ATU also participated in several successful interdictions of known or suspected terrorists. In cooperation with the European Union and with funding from the Department of State, ICITAP provided equipment and training to the Albanian government to build capacity to collect fingerprint data at all border crossing points.

Enhancing traffic police performance egypt

The information can be checked against a national database for wanted individuals in real time. Countering the Financing of Terrorism: As a result, Albania has made major improvements to its legal framework for identifying, tracing, and freezing terrorist assets; enhanced international co-operation; extended customer due diligence; and required the filing of suspicious transaction reports and currency transaction reports.

Inthe Government of Albania drafted and adopted a national strategy to counter violent extremism. Inthe Government of Albania appointed a National Coordinator for Countering Violent Extremism, who is charged with overseeing the implementation of the national strategy.

The event brought together regional partners for two days of workshops and collaboration on addressing radicalization to violence and foreign terrorist fighter recruitment. The Government of Albania developed a pilot program to train teachers to implement a curriculum on religious tolerance in schools.

International and Regional Cooperation: Albanian criminal justice actors participated regularly in various regional associations, conferences, and other counterterrorism information sharing exchanges. Austria demonstrated continued commitment to countering terrorism, and U.

This number tapered off in the course of the year due to a combination of factors, including effective counterterrorism measures. The BVT charged or monitored those returning from Syria.

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The international terrorist threat environment prompted the government to establish an ad-hoc security cabinet and to give the armed forces a greater complementary counterterrorism role than previously mandated.

Continued concerns over data privacy protection, amplified by public debate about suspected U. Austria identified the fight against radicalization to violence and violent extremism as a key priority for its Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe OSCE Chairmanship.

Throughoutthe Ministries of Interior, Justice, and Foreign Affairs increased efforts to counter incitement of terrorist acts motivated by violent extremism, and to counter the problem of foreign terrorist fighters. Law enforcement agencies focused on intelligence gathering and investigations, while integration officials engaged in public outreach to prevent radicalization to violence.

Inmembers of the Austrian parliament continued to meet with U. Austria has an extensive legal structure to counter terrorism. Relevant statutes criminalize training in terrorist camps abroad and allow wiretapping of individual suspects or small groups with the permission of an independent judge or ombudsman.the performance of the security personnel in patrols grew by 2, in besides traffic patrols and police patrols that joined service enhancing their employees’ efficiency levels.

The city can track eldercare safety, enhancing quality, performance and interactivity among various responsible parties.

Enhancing traffic police performance egypt

By knowing whether someone needs help, emergency medical and nursing personnel have better knowledge and can care for, or treat an elderly person. The International Criminal Police Organization (French: Organisation internationale de police criminelle; ICPO-INTERPOL), more commonly known as Interpol, is the international organization that facilitates international police cooperation.

It was established as the International Criminal Police Commission (ICPC) in ; it chose INTERPOL . Nov 17,  · [Updated at p.m. ET] A total of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators were arrested Thursday in New York, including 64 arrested during an early evening sit-in on Centre Street near Foley Square in lower Manhattan, a police spokesman said.


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