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Maker Faire Houston is back at the George R. Organized by Innovation Spark, Last year Andrew Lynch, organizer and Innovation Spark board member, discussed how the Houston maker community pulled together in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, to keep the show on the road despite considerable challenges.

Coming and going round trip to

Ask an Expert Bus trip activities: Activities will make the time go faster, help those on the bus get to know each other, allow leadership skills to develop and keep the group engaged.

October 22, - Author: Roxanne TurnerMichigan State University Extension Make the time go faster on your next youth bus trip with these fun activities!

The following are some suggestions for long trips. Please verify that these activities comply with bus rules before using any of these ideas. Some busses may not allow the riders to move around and others may not allow too much talking.

However, charter companies tend to be very open and accommodating, as long as the games are done in a safe and controlled manner. In the end, there will be a fun tall tale to share with the group. This fun event is a great first icebreaker that allows participants to get comfortable without putting them on the spot to talk right away.

As the stories are read, the interactions will start without any prompting. Each youth writes a word on a piece of paper and throws it in a hat without knowing what it will be used for.

Then each youth takes a turn drawing a piece of paper out of the hat before standing, stating their name and then singing or saying a song lyric that has their chosen word in it.

The energy on the bus will increase and youth will become more relaxed. The youth are given a piece of paper that has the following items to complete: These facts are then put into a bag and randomly drawn out. The group has to try to guess which person the answers refer to.

This game is similar to the Guess Who game. An optional addition is for youth to stand at their seats and then sit down as they are eliminated by each answer. For example, if the answers being read reference the person was blonde, everyone who was not blonde would sit down.

After youth determine who it was, that person shares a bit more information about himself or herself. This is a great way to get to know each other and understand the diverse backgrounds present in the group. In speed meeting, youth are matched in pairs and have three minutes to talk to each other and find out as much as they can.

The youth on the inside row then rotate one seat until they have met everyone on the outside row. This minimal amount of movement keeps the bus safe but allows half of the youth to spend one on one time with the other half of the group.

Every third rotation the leader should stop the group and have someone introduce and share a fun fact about someone they met. When the bus stops and the coordinator has to check on reservations, other chaperones can have the youth exit the bus and get in some exercise using this icebreaker.

The group is split into teams, told they cannot speak and are given a piece of paper that has a portion of the 4-H pledge on it. The youth have to get themselves in order without talking. Once they are in order, each person says their portion of the pledge to check and see if they have it correct.

The first group to complete this is the winner.

Coming and going round trip to

The best part about this icebreaker is gets youth off the bus and moving around. Many times coordinators find youth want to stay on the bus at stops or just stand around. Getting them moving will help with their comfort for the next section of the trip. Riding on a bus for long periods of time can be exhausting and boring.

However, with a few of these game ideas from Michigan State University Extensionthe trip can quickly transform into something entertaining and educational.

For other great icebreaker ideas, see a series of articles written by Jan Brinn.Our bus trip to Biloxi and the Gulf Coast also features a guided tour of Bay St. Louis, a historic town with many landmarks on the National Register of Historic Places, and many interesting shops.

This Biloxi and New Orleans bus tour is a fun-filled way for your group to experience casino gaming fun and the best of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Round-trip ticket or One-way ticket, it doesn’t matter.

Coming and going round trip to

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