Can science replace religion

Some people also need fake scapegoats for real problems.

Can science replace religion

Least to Most Yes it will. Religious people are idiots. I know a lot of people who believe in God. They all,believe a fucking invisible man did it.

We are all surrounded by idiots people. You see religion makes people ignorant. It makes people brainwashed into thinking one way. Religion is a joke to us intelligent people. We know the facts. We have thousands of books written with credible facts and sources that talks about the universe, how it was created, physics, biology, marine science, astronomy.

These are examples just to name a few. But what does religion have a book filled with fallacies that talks about slavery, rape, genocide,murder, stealing. And all these people cherry pick the good parts from the book of lies and ignore the bad parts.

They know what it says but shrug it off. In short, never talk to religious people. Science always wins and atheists will one day crush religion like a bug.

Science is fucking awesome. I know some atheists. You see all atheists including myself are smarter than those nut jobs worshipping their imaginary friend in their little cult houses. Atheists are able to think faster and more clearly than those nut bags.

Not like religious d bags who get hostile every now and then just because we atheists state true facts. If I were president I would ban religion in the u. If there were no religion there would be no religious wars or anything else. Science is the greatest thing in the world.Since science can not allow us to know everything about everything, I doubt it can replace either religion or philosophy.

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Has science replaced religion? Can one be religious and maintain a scientific viewpoint? Does belief in evolution undermine morality or belief in God, or vice versa? Ken and John take on the big questions with George Ellis from the University of Cape Town, author of On the Moral Nature of the Universe.

Science will never replace religion. There are millions of people that believe in God. And science wants them to forget everything they were taught to believe. Science has facts: religion has faith. Science can't hope or faith like religion can.

Science helps use understand the world and the universe today. No, science cannot replace religion. No, I do not believe that science can ever replace religion.

Can science replace religion

I think both have a place in society. And neither will replace the other. There is no way that science will ever replace some people's believes and faiths in their religion.

I think people can find a way to incorporate both into their lives. Feb 23,  · Daily hassles makes you forget things but religion go side by side with science. A future where the basis of religion is belief and striving with science, perhaps to make life better, worse, or reaching the great Resolved.

Before you can ask if science is going to replace religion you need to question if it hasn't already happened. Science is involved in every part of our lives, from our medicine to our technology to the printing of bibles. When we get injured we go to the hospital not the temple.

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