Are leaders born or made 3

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Are leaders born or made 3

Jan 25, I think that leadership qualities come from the actions that a person take depending upon different situations faced. For example there is always a friend who decides where to go for the trip or responsible for booking the cab at lowest price. Whenever a project is given a college, there is always a person who takes the responsibility of dividing the work.

So all these situations show that leadership quality cannot be developed by studying about it, but it is ongoing process and it can be developed by taking the responsibility. Jan 23, A great leader is made not born in the sense that good management depends on methods not personal qualities.

Whether leadership is “born or made” has long intrigued theorists, management practitioners and the lay public. While many believe that leadership in iconic figures such as Nelson Mandela must surely be something he was born with, the chapter opens with a study of his early life, effectively demonstrating the complexity of the issue. Defend the team’s position on whether leaders are born or made. Justify the team’s position using relevant research. Apply leadership theory to the team’s Leaders are very much born because we come out of the womb created and destined by God himself. Leaders are made. There is a very definite ability to grow and develop in our

Jan 21, "Are leaders born or made" this question likes as "which came first chicken or egg" I believe every one born [including leaders also] but leaders are made with their skills, practice, experience, perception, personality, training, mentoring.

The leadership quality also start with any incident happening in their life that is the turning point to become a leader for example: I has mentioned here "leaders should not wait for opportunity and always choose for create an opportunity".

Those people are treat everyone with "equality without partiality". Jan 21, Leaders are not born but made because no one is born with all the leadership skills and knowledge of knowing everything but only through experience and learning from one another and be able to accept all the defeats as experience is the best teacher.

Jan 3, In my point of view leader is in born, because it depend upon our attitude, leadership quality etc. Leadership is the quality to influence a group towards the achievement of goals. Traits theory states that a leader possess a set of qualities or attributes that differentiate him from leader to non-leader.

That's means a specific behavior is the parameter by which a leader is differentiated from non- leader. I support that leader are born and not made. Oct 6, So after considering everyone's point of view we came to a conclusion that leaders are born with certain traits and qualities but these qualities must be polished and enhanced over the period of time.

If you leave your qualities unnoticed then you will definitely loose out on them. We have all the examples who after hard work made themselves aware of the their traits on time and rocked the world by becoming greatest leaders. May 24, Hi I'm Atem Valery. For me I do believe that leaders are born and not made because we have people like Fotso Victor who was a school drop out but today he is one of the greatest business leader.

Apr 18, In my view no one is born with any quality, every one is like a raw mud and the porter gives the shape and make it a pot. As the same the environment like our education, friends group, family, culture and many more life experiences make the person a leader.

Are Engineering Leaders Born or Made

So I support as the leader is not inborn but made by the different factors. According to my thought leadership is an inborn quality. Everyone is born with this quality, but it depends on you when you realise this quality and when you show it.

It can start with an incident or situation. I would like to give an example of a great leader and freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi who is also known as the father of our nation. He realised this quality after an incident happened during a train journey where he was thrown out of the train and he was told that "You are a black person and you could not travel in first class".

He saw a vision of independent India. He took initiatives, and came in the battleground of freedom. Again, I would like to express my thought with the example of sword.

A sword without its sharpness is not useful in battle it becomes an effective tools after going under process of sharpening, and it pays deep contribution in the victory. In the same way without sharpening this quality it is worthless, it can be sharpen by society, family, friends etc.Cultural Intelligence.

Are leaders born or made 3

We are different, we can have completely opposing preferences, values and beliefs based on our experiences and cultural background such as our gender, generation, nationality, educational level, profession, and personality type.

The debate over whether great leaders are made or born has gone on for ages. Stewart Friedman, the founding director of the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project, says he has the definitive answer. · Engineering leaders born vs. made? Though a person could have inherent qualities to become a leader that draw people to them, or they have strong convincing powers, this doesn’t make you a good leader.

Let me explain. 2 weeks ago 3 weeks ago. 13k 20 k. Civil, Engineering, Leadership, Mechanical.  · Certainly not a born’s a prize ‘funny’ in the first volume of Ian Kershaw’s highly regarded biography of him.

Some American officers were curious as to why Hitler had never been promoted above the rank of corporal in Born (natural) Leaders are different to made (artificial leaders). All remarkable leaders have great history behind them.

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They were leaders from the onset of their journey. · Are Leaders Born or Made? February 3, by mag 1 Comment After study both the Trait Approach and Skill Approach to Leadership, I am left puzzling over the idea of whether someone is born a leader or if anyone can learn to be a

Leaders: Born or Made